Welcome to Faith Lutheran Church of Upper St. Clair!

Faith Lutheran Church of Upper St. Clair, PA has been witnessing to the Lord and serving the South Hills area of Pittsburgh since 1949. We are a mid-sized family-oriented congregation with a wide range of age groups and diverse backgrounds. We have been growing steadily and consistently, yet value our relationships and strive to keep a personal connection as a reflection of our walk with the Lord. Liturgy begins at 10:30 AM on Sunday and is lead by Reverend Ronald Weryha. Our Christian Education program offers an expanding Sunday School program, two Adult Discussion Groups, and Small Group Ministries. Music is an important part of our worship which includes an Adult Choir and a Handbell Choir. Our goal at Faith is to help individuals make and strengthen their connection to God, to other people, and to the Christian Church in a welcoming and supportive environment.

A Word from Pastor Ron
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  • Splashing around in the shallow end… - Recently a sports reporter for ESPN was suspended for a week after her tirade at a clerk to whom she had to fork out probably a hefty sum of money to get her impounded car back. The reporter let all kinds of expletives lose, she criticized the clerks appearance, and claimed superiority by virtue of ...

SHIM Donation Requests

The suggested foods for August are canned meats, such as tuna, salmon, chicken, etc.  There is also a present need for ketchup. During the summer months, when kids are home from school, family food dollars are stretched even more. Healthy snacks are always welcome, such as cereal, crackers,  peanut butter, jelly, canned fruits, etc.  As always, all non-perishable, unexpired food and household products are welcome at any time, along with diapers of any size, personal care products and cleaning products. Please leave donations in the box in the Outreach Corner. Year to date total – 738# (goal for 2015 is 2000#).

The SHIM Back-to-School Drive is over and was a great success.  We collected and delivered 23 backpacks along with many bags of assorted school supplies, such as paper, markers, notebooks, etc.  Thanks to all who donated to help the kids get a great start to their school year.

If you are interested in how SHIM reaches out to the South Hills communities, or further information on any of SHIM’s activities and events, please go to shim-center.org .