From the Pastor | 1.25.19

Greetings All,

Some bad calls, and no-calls in the NFL recently, huh? I guess life is like that…lots of bad calls and no-calls! How does one keep their sanity in a world like this? Prayer and staying connected to God and the faith provided and entrusted to us through Christ is how! I want to re-visit the piece I sent out before Christmas on Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer and ask how it’s going? Have you prayed those prayers a couple of days? Appreciate one more than the other? Got into a rhythm with them? Don’t know what I’m talking about?? One thing I’ve done is print each of them out (both sides of the page) and fold them long-ways and they make good page markers in my bible for the Psalms or Proverbs for example. Also, if others are in the house with you (spouse and children) they each can have one and can take turns reading the various parts. Soon it will be Lent and if you haven’t looked at these prayers/catechism parts yet, maybe think of doing that as your Lenten observance! That’s better than giving up cheeseburgers and chocolate! Peace and all good!