From the Pastor | 2.8.19

Greetings All!

I want to thank Robin and her Fellowship Ministry Team for the wonderful crock-pot, pot-luck luncheon last Sunday! It was once again very delicious! How enjoyable it was to gather for worship with each other, conduct our annual meeting (look back and look ahead) and top it all off with a church family luncheon where we all enjoyed a feast and each others company! Indeed, we have been blessed! And of course in response to God’s grace and abundance in our lives, we get the chance to bless others! One of the ways we bless others is through the Ministry Teams we have at FLC. Each one is important and collectively they all give structure and fuel the work of the church. Here is a diagram I put together (using a template but filled it in the way I wanted) to show how our Ministry Teams are necessary and related and feed into each other. As someone mentioned at the annual meeting, the Ministry Teams are avenues for YOU with your interests and concerns, to make FLC what you want it to be. Indeed, the Holy Spirit gives the increase, but He needs you and me to plug in—short term or long term—with the Ministry Teams available. It is also a way that you can grow in your faith as you witness and serve our Lord through His Church!