Visitor Info

Whatever your religious background and however you have come to be here, we welcome you to Faith Lutheran Church. You are always welcome to join us for worship and fellowship. Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be! We strive to provide a welcoming and friendly environment.

Who Are We?

We are a friendly and diverse group of people who come together to worship God, and receive his blessing and inspiration. Faith Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and a part of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod . In addition, we try to practice God’s love in our daily lives through service to others in our community and around the world.

When should I arrive?

During the school year:

Our Sunday School begins at 9:15 AM and offers a wide variety of education experiences for children and adults. You are invited to come and sit in with any of our classes at any time.

We gather for worship each Sunday during the school year at 10:30 AM.

During the summer months:

We gather for worship each Sunday during the summer at 10:00 AM.

What should I expect during the service?

  • Inspirational and beautiful worship setting
  • Prayers for those in need of healing & comfort
  • Listening to God through relevant sermons
  • Worship through music – our Sunday school children sing regularly as well as our Choir and Bell Choir
  • Special worship services (healing, mid-week Lenten services)
  • Active child, youth, & adult participation in our worship services

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, whether that be jeans, shorts, or something more formal.

Will I be able to take Communion?

If you are a baptized Christian and you believe that Christ is truly present in the Bread and Wine, we welcome you to Christ’s communion table.  Children who receive the Sacrament in their home congregation should expect to receive the Sacrament at Faith Lutheran.  Those who are not prepared to receive communion or do not wish to receive communion are invited to come forward for a blessing.

Can my children come as well?

Of course! Children are always welcome during worship services. Children’s Worship Pamphlets are available for their amusement during the service. Children are wanted and needed to be part of worship here at Faith Lutheran Church.